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earthBODYment™ and Action Theater™ •

• School & Community Group Workshops •

Dates Listed Below...
  earthBODYment™ Workshops use Movement, Sound, Language and Music in a Practice of Awareness, Reflection, and Creative Expression Exploring Our Connection Between Mind, Body, Earth and Each Other •
Action Theater™ Workshops are more Specifically a Practice of Embodied Improvisation Through Moment-to-Moment Awareness in Movement, Voice and Language: A Contemplative Art in Motion •
• Please Contact Bronwyn for more information and any questions you may have. •
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AUGUST 18-20, Lasqueti Island Residential Immersive Intensive:
    Radical Reciprocity: Wildly Expressive earthBODYment Artivism
Join Bronwyn Preece for a weekend radical earthBODYment intensive, arriving Lasqueti Island on Friday, August 18 and leaving Sunday, May 20 late afternoon. $250 includes workshop, all meals, camping and transportation on Lasqueti.* 

How do we tune into our sensuous experiences with the other-than-human world and creatively engage and express them through a radical reciprocity?  How does site-specific deep improvisation: an arts-based corporeal process of exploration of interconnection translate to a vitally potent politics?  In the current politically and ecologically fraught era, what might gathering together on an off-the-grid island in Traditional Straits Salish Territory with artistic intention and focus -- birth in ourselves and with/for others?  Where are our borders in these ‘wild’ times?!

~The workshop will take place at a variety of site-specific locations around the island~ The workshop will begin with an evening session on Friday night.  Sunday morning’s session will begin pre-sunrise.  Days will be full.

Participants are asked to bring appropriate clothing for walking and working in the forest and on the shore, a headlamp, waterbottle, journal, and musical instruments, if possible.  Participants need to bring their own tent and sleeping bags for camping.  Please be aware that Lasqueti Island is an off-the-grid, rugged environment with limited infrastructure and a highly sensitive ecosystem…   please be prepared for ‘roughing’ it.

SPACE IS LIMITED....please contact Bronwyn regarding registration: 

*Arrival and Departure from Lasqueti: Depending on the number of participants, a chartered water taxi may be arranged for from French Creek, Vancouver Island on the Friday: taking you directly to the South End, closer to the location for workshop.  However these details will not be known until closer to the time.  Otherwise, participants will arrive on the 2:30 ferry on Friday from French Creek, and will depart on the Sunday 4:00 ferry from Lasqueti.  Please note that the above price does not include transportation costs to and from Lasqueti.  Arrangements may be made to arrive earlier and leave later, to be discussed with Bronwyn.

A Selection of Testimonials....
"Thank you for a magnificent experience! I have to say, one of my most free, creative and expressive times there! Thank you for leading and guiding us through an unencumbered hour + of dance, music and poetry! It was BRILLIANT!  To be perfectly honest, I didn't know what to expect, but kept myself open! I wasn't disappointed! You are a very gifted theater artist and teacher! Keep using your gifts and magic! Yes,...magic, to move people out of their inhibitions to be open and free to express themselves like unencumbered children!  The truth is, unless we approach art with that openness, we will always remain encumbered and hindered. Thank you for a moment of unencumbered joy!" -Sonia Kircher, Theater Arts Professor, Stony Brook University, New York

Bronwyn is a versatile and passionate teacher who fully shares of herself, her art and her natural surroundings.  She brings humor and humanity to the rigorous physical practice of Action Theater, and I went away with so much new information.  Thank you, Bronwyn, for your open heart and strong vision!  As for our workshop, I ate it up.  As a teacher, I know how hard it is to plan a structure for such a short festival, but I think that you did a beautiful job. You were willing to readjust your game plan again and again to fit the movement of the work, the day, the landscape and the participants.  You worked with us when necessary and pushed us from the outside when necessary.  -Shura Baryshnikov, Dancer and Instructor of Theatre and Performance Studies at Brown University, Rhode Island, Action Theater™ participant

Bronwyn's workshops/exercises were raw and unconventional; engaging all aspects of our being in spawning individual/collective expression.  It gave me a shiver of excitement each time before the class as I really didn't know what to expect.  I love those scary unknown places and the challenges proposed because there is no choice but to show up!  Bronwyn skillfully directs and facilitates the work while stepping aside to allow participants to dive into the depth of their own experiences.  -Thomas Loh, Nelson, BC earthBODYment participant

"Your thoughtful, deep and spritely facilitation is teaching me so much about owning convictions and inviting free exploration and authenticity.  Thank you so much for the gift you are bringing to Victoria.  It is immense and immeasurable." "I'd like to thank you for being a part of the process of finding a community that I want to be a part of and has a place for me. But I also want to thank you for helping me grow as a person and being a stepping stone in the journey to figuring out who I am. I'll never forget you for it. Again, thank you." ~Rachel Adell, earthBODYment participant

"Really fantastic workshop yesterday!  I was very grateful to have been a participant.  You're an exceptional facilitator." 
-S. Ross, earthBODYment participant 

“Bronwyn conjures a clarity of image and speech that possesses the viewer with a profound sense of the otherworldly. She moves audiences and inspires students. I recommend both her teaching and performance skills to anyone who is interested in learning more than what is inside the box." -Heather Lundy, Action Theater™ Teacher 

(Read more Testimonials HERE!)

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• The Workshops Described Below can be BOOKED by schools and groups.  They use a series of drama conventions that invite inclusive, participatory, safe, reflective, supportive, and fun explorations for children and adults alike.•

~The focus is on group integrative learning and sharing through a variety of age-appropriate dynamic and engaging approaches ~

• My Artists-in-the-Classroom Profile through Arts Start BC Can be Viewed by Clicking HERE! •

• In Addition, original workshops can be devised and tailored to suit the needs of your community group, business or to correspond with school curriculum on specific topics other than those listed below..•

~ Bronwyn can facilitate workshops in both English and French ~

Please Contact Bronwyn for more information and booking!

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• • •

Gulf Islands Alphabet: Author Visit and Workshop •

Integrating drama, writing, and the reading of Gulf Islands Alphabet, this workshop is suitable for elementary school children, as we go on an island-hopping journey through the Salish Sea, stopping to meet local animals, plants, and islanders along the way!

   • Food Security-into-Drama Workshops •
Endorsed by: 

A series of 4 workshops that explore Food Security, beginning with our globally-sourced foods right through to our provincial, local and leading in to growing our own food. Targeted for Grade 4, 5 and 6 children living on Vancouver Island, these workshops allow students to explore, share and generate their own innovative responses to the timely issue of our local food supply and where it comes from. In accordance with school curriculum and provincial PLOs.

Workshops can be facilitated by Bronwyn or Teachers/Facilitaors can download the
Food Security-into-Drama Handbook: Workshops for the Classroom and Community
for FREE through LifeCycles Community Gardening Project: Here! --
and lead the workshops themselves!

Grandfather’s Journey: A Workshop on Human Migration •

Using images from Allen Say’s book Grandfathers Journey and employing a series of dramatic conventions, this workshop allows students to explore the sometimes conflicting, difficult decisions that face an individual on whether they should stay or leave a given country.  The power of the decision liies and is guided by the students.  Designed in accordance with the BC Grade 5 Social Studies curriculum and PLOs, but suitable for groups both younger and older.

• How Children Define Community with The Council of Communities •

How do children define the concept of community? How broadly or narrowly does a given set of children define the abstract concept? The results might just astound you…as they have me! This workshop is ideally composed of two groups (i.e. two separate school classes, one older, one younger is a nice mix, and can be an excellent exploration for Little Buddy/Big Buddy partnerships).

Part One: Bronwyn meets with each group independently and facilitates the children in group explorations of community, using collective drawing techniques and Teacher-in-Role conventions, Based on the children’s explorations, Bronwyn facilitates the children into becoming representatives for different communities, and in small group collectively explore what is most important and some of the hurdles that their community faces. Students are informed that they will be meeting and speaking on behalf of their community at the upcoming Council of Communities, where they will be joined by other community representatives.

Part Two (and on a separate day): both groups are brought together, and all together participate in the Council of Communities, a circle in which every child is given the opportunity to speak and listen to the voices and concerns of the other communities. Finding common ground and striving to collectively problem-solve issues facing the various communities, this workshop makes for an inspiring and collectively dynamic and resonant sharing.

• The Work that Reconnects-into-Drama: Youth Turning Despair into Empowerment •

Internationally-renowned Deep Ecologist Joanna Macy developed The Work that Reconnects as a means of assisting people with expressing their despair for the state of the world and in turn offering means to turn these feelings of despair into empowerment.

After working with Macy, Bronwyn developed a means of making the WTR body of work more accessible to a younger audience. Employing various drama conventions enables youth a safe and easily accessible entry point into exploring and expressing their feelings about the state of their global home. The Work that Reconnects-into-Drama is geared towards an adolescent age group, and can be tailored to be a multi-hour up to a multi-day workshop.

• Bronwyn creates and facilitates workshops for the young to very old, able-bodied and physically challenged, and everyone in between. •

~ Contact Bronwyn to Tailor a Workshop For You! ~