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earthBODYment and Action Theater™ Workshop Paricipant Responses:

School Workshop Responses...from Students, Teachers, and Admin:

Performance Project Comments:


"Thank you for a magnificent experience! I have to say, one of my most free, creative and expressive times there! Thank you for leading and guiding us through an unencumbered hour + of dance, music and poetry! It was BRILLIANT!  To be perfectly honest, I didn't know what to expect, but kept myself open! I wasn't disappointed! You are a very gifted theater artist and teacher! Keep using your gifts and magic! Yes,...magic, to move people out of their inhibitions to be open and free to express themselves like unencumbered children!  The truth is, unless we approach art with that openness, we will always remain encumbered and hindered. Thank you for a moment of unencumbered joy!" -Sonia Kircher, Theater Arts Professor, Stony Brook University, New York

Bronwyn is a versatile and passionate teacher who fully shares of herself, her art and her natural surroundings.  She brings humor and humanity to the rigorous physical practice of Action Theater, and I went away with so much new information.  Thank you, Bronwyn, for your open heart and strong vision!  As for our workshop, I ate it up.  As a teacher, I know how hard it is to plan a structure for such a short festival, but I think that you did a beautiful job. You were willing to readjust your game plan again and again to fit the movement of the work, the day, the landscape and the participants.  You worked with us when necessary and pushed us from the outside when necessary.  -Shura Baryshnikov, Dancer and Instructor of Theatre and Performance Studies at Brown University, Rhode Island, Action Theater™ participant

Bronwyn's workshops/exercises were raw and unconventional; engaging all aspects of our being in spawning individual/collective expression.  It gave me a shiver of excitement each time before the class as I really didn't know what to expect.  I love those scary unknown places and the challenges proposed because there is no choice but to show up!  Bronwyn skillfully directs and facilitates the work while stepping aside to allow participants to dive into the depth of their own experiences.  -Thomas Loh, Nelson, BC earthBODYment participant

"Your thoughtful, deep and spritely facilitation is teaching me so much about owning convictions and inviting free exploration and authenticity.  Thank you so much for the gift you are bringing to Victoria.  It is immense and immeasurable." "I'd like to thank you for being a part of the process of finding a community that I want to be a part of and has a place for me. But I also want to thank you for helping me grow as a person and being a stepping stone in the journey to figuring out who I am. I'll never forget you for it. Again, thank you." ~Rachel Adell, earthBODYment participant

"Really fantastic workshop yesterday!  I was very grateful to have been a participant.  You're an exceptional facilitator."
-S. Ross, earthBODYment participant

“Bronwyn conjures a clarity of image and speech that possesses the viewer with a profound sense of the otherworldly. She moves audiences and inspires students. I recommend both her teaching and performance skills to anyone who is interested in learning more than what is inside the box.
-Heather Lundy, AT Teacher

“What I loved about Bronwyn's class was her intent to get us to tap into the moment as it is in its raw form. To connect with the organic and unbound potential present in every moment, and to let that moment inform us, move us. I found this very profound and directly related to my life in that, in every moment exists reality, and we often presume the nature of that reality, and move forward from there...shaping it, contorting it and so on in to the next moment. With Bronwyn's Action Theater class, I found myself re-examining the space between each breath, step, and word...what I discovered was myself in deeper contact with the actuality of each moment...beautiful really!"
-Sacha Sauvé

"Bronwyn guides us towards un-preplanned encounters with the small, the immediate, the mundane, the extraordinary. Through her work with us, we develop exploration without fear, and mindfulness without tense self-consciousness.
-Debbie McDonald

“Action Theater’s classes not only unearthed new creativity within me, but also the ability to express that creativity to an audience. Through Bronwyn’s  attention to detail and personable advice I’ve gained a new self-confidence. I would highly recommend Action Theater to students of any skill level.” -Nick Olynyk “I think I go to Bronwyn's class just to hear her talk, I love listening to her. While the class is called "Action Theater" and there is a great deal of action,  the background instructions are delectable food for our creativity."
-April Parchoma

"I took Bronwyn's Action Theater course and found it fun to do, for its own sake, and also valuable in that it has contributed to my being more relaxed  and present when doing scripted roles and improv. In any activity, it's valuable to do the fundamentals, and Action Theater is as fundamental as it gets.
-Dale Hitchcox





























"I have learned so much from you [...] and the students lucky enough to work with you have been the biggest beneficiaries!"
-Lynn-Dell Goorachurn, Willows School Librarian

"I know our FBS students each took away something meaningful from your lessons and those who participated in the performance were highly engaged in watching all the cross generational and cultural aspects of the performance.[…]I believe they learned a lot of local history and their appreciation for where and how they live was enriched in a variety of artistic ways.[…] It was acknowledged that we were thankful for this amazing experience and your open hearted approach and wonderful facilitator skills in terms of working with a community of children and adults.
-Bobbi Coleman, False Bay School Principal

"I have learned so much from you [...] and the students lucky enough to work with you have been the biggest beneficiaries!"
-Lynn-Dell Goorachurn, Willows School Librarian

"I know our FBS students each took away something meaningful from your lessons and those who participated in the performance were highly engaged in watching all the cross generational and cultural aspects of the performance.[…]I believe they learned a lot of local history and their appreciation for where and how they live was enriched in a variety of artistic ways.[…] It was acknowledged that we were thankful for this amazing experience and your open hearted approach and wonderful facilitator skills in terms of working with a community of children and adults.
-Bobbi Coleman, False Bay School Principal

"What a wonderful experience, Bronwyn.  You are a treasure!  Being a fly on the wall was a great learning experience for me and you are a great facilitator." -Primary School Teacher, FBS

"I found the whole experience of Bronwyn's involvement at FBS to be a positive one for my class. Allowing the kids to explore the various facets of our community, through humour and performance, was an effective way of defining what binds us together here. Best of all, the students were enthusiastic about performing and genuinely curious about another community - Errington.  Upon reflection, I have asked myself how else could I have taught a group of 5 to 14-year-olds what is unique about their community? I can't think of any other way of teaching Social Studies that is so fun, so interactive and so engaging for such a wide age range."
- Reid Wilson, FBS Intermediate Teacher

“I liked acting, I felt lucky and special.  Bronwyn was a good teacher.”
-Grade 3, Errington Elementary

“Bronwyn was really good at handling things and she got people to do a lot of work.”
- Grade 4, EES

“I liked that we got to act our characters from Fairy Tales.  I was the big green tree in ‘Jack and the Big Green Tree.’ […] Tell Bronwyn I miss her.”
- Kindergarten, EES

Thanks for being an awesome coordinator! -Grade 8, Homeschool Experience of a life time!!!!
- Grade 7, Homeschool

It was amazing experience.  Thank you.
-Grade 7, FBS Student

It gave me a whole new perspective of drama in an enlightening way.  Thank You.
-Grade 7, FBS student

It was amazing how Bronwyn had organized everything and gotten everybody to help make it work.
- Grade 7 FBS Student

“Your instructions were clear and your transition between exercises was great. The kids all felt safe and truly enjoyed their time. They said that I should bring you back again and that you were cool."
-Taralee Tanous, Quamichan Middle School, BC











































Surface Rupture:
"Smart, poignant, and human. The interplay between Bronwyn Preece’s improvisations and Laurel Terlesky’s sculptural objects and projections highlight the tenderness and vulnerabilities of our own bodies. At once both heartbreaking and humourous, Surface Rupture explores what it means to be broken and what it means to be cured."       -Bren Simmers, poet

 “I had the chance to see Surface Rupture by Bronwyn Preece and Laurel Terlesky at the Interplay Project. This was one of my favourite collaborations. The combination of sculpture, projection and lighting with Bronwyn's amazing improvisation skills was unlike anything else I've seen. I appreciated Bronwyn's ability to spontaneously respond to both current events and her immediate surroundings with humour and heart while working sessly with Laurel. A unique, provocative and playful performance with some beautiful visual layers.”   - Amal Rana, poet and performance artist

“An improvisation to give gratitude for yours.

The piece before yours was interesting but felt quite raw and incomplete to me.  It took something that happens in my home, many homes every day, people playing Just Dance and Rock Band together, and moved it into a black box space, heightening our consciousness of it as peformance.  Further we heard narratives of brokenness and transformation- the boy with an orchid in a broken pot, the Japanese art of mending shards with golden glue, enhancing an irreparable rupture.  I felt the piece was interesting, but not that it was art, not yet.

When you came on, the noise, the cacophany and multiple dancing bodies and narratives, disappeared and all resolved on your singular form in the simple white dress, a distillation of humanity, as if your form were the form of a soul.  I did not know you were improvising.  When the boy came into your story, the orchid, it was such a blessed surprise.  Aaah, this is the second movement, the slow reflection and meditation on that first allegro of a Sonata.  I truly thought you were part of the previous performance- the part that made it art, an expansive, transformative imagining.  You were moving between illumination and darkness, the cloth projection on your dress was orchid, You were Orchid. your body, your limbs, your shaking hands, witness to beauty, to fragility, to the ephemeral. You were mirror human flower.  You were projected into the dark cavity where my orchid had been beating, wilting more than blooming of late.  A pace maker.  A piece maker.  A peace maker.   Andante.  Restoring a rhythm I know and can sustain.  A vision of how it will be when I walk out of the brutality that has been my home into the kinds of hearing, knowing, singing and ceremony for which I have been Created.”      - Seemi Ghazi, UBC Classical Arabic Lecturer and Sufi singer

Trans-Plantable Living Room:

“It’s everything you hope that great theatre or great art is going to provide…that it’s going to show you a new ways of looking at things…"
-Ian Garrett, Center for the Sustainable Practice in the Arts

“Great to see art bringing the community together in this way.  Sowing seeds, in more ways than one!"
-Comment book

  Dropped in the Ocean:

"...the landscape, your movement, partnership and spoken word combined invoked a warm understanding that went beyond pure intellect. Although the story line was definitely heard, enjoyed and understood via the spoken word there was, in equal measure, something sensory in this, which made us 'gaze' at the possibility of water becoming 'sacred' once more. This was partly down to the evident partnership in the visual or the perceived 'harmony' between two. Emerging out of the 'gaze' all this produced we were left infused with your message that we felt echoed the thoughts and feelings of many hundreds of thousands of people. We could visibly see them there in agreement with you, which left us at liberty to debate and discuss our own relationship with water, the environment, them and our own existence with each other as'kindred spirits' that of course is always more widely felt. Fantastic!
-Mark Ingells

Nice to see an active collaboration that speaks towards distance and continuity.
-Laurel Terlesky

Performing the Ecology of Place:
(from post-performance questionaires): 
I love the way you use the space at the beach to achieve that sense of ecology of place, the water, the bluff, the beach itself - we were all part of it in a way.  I also liked the variety and the different artistic expressions, miming, instructing, singing, playing music, etc... And the intergenerational aspect was also moving, everybody had a voice.
It was an amazing performance. Loved every minute of it. My hat goes off to u and those amazing kids!!
A naturally brilliant move to hold your performance in our great outdoors, whatever the weather.  We all learned something there. […] Your performance opens the door to ourselves.
Excellent use of visually stunning environment with a variety of levels for presentations (in trees, cliffs, on beach)
Fabulous repertoire of intergenerational peoples & stories
Comprehensive education of Lasqueti history.
Fair-like atmosphere. Potluck gave another layer to experience community.
The diverse and eclectic performances felt like an interactive kaleidoscope of poetry, dance, music, song, comedy, and history.  Not knowing what to expect, I must say it came to a cohesion thematically that I was pleasantly surprised to behold.
Saturday's performance was magical and awesome.  […] Truly a community building project.  Thanks so much, and I learned a lot of the history of Lasqueti I hadn't heard before.  Wonderful wonderful…
Thank you, Bronwyn, for contributing so much to our community, it was a delightful performance.
Thanks for undertaking such an ambitious project and giving us all a reflection of ourselves and this place that we love. 
My time and energy spent being a part of this project/process has been essential to my personal and artistic well being.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to explore myself as an individual as well as a community member/collaborator.  I begun in January with the weekly Wed night mural painting/poetry/theatre exploration.  Each week unfolded with direction from Bronwyn and suggestion by those present.  Learning to paint collectively and in relative silence opened up a vast wealth of creativity for me.  I painted w friends, acquaintances, strangers & people I’ve had difficulty being around due to history.  This venue/process allowed me to explore safely and value the non verbal communication as well as information we gather and share day to day w each other in this community. […] I am now able to approach my own art without the “judge” being present which is absolutely liberating. […]   I also greatly appreciated Bronwyn’s ability to accept and surrender to the unfolding of such s grand vision.  This has taught me a lot about being present in my own life, allowing my personal truth to be expressed, accepting what is.