Please Note:  Sadly, my website was hacked and much of the recent information has been reverted to older versions, recent information deleted and formatting changed: so sadly, it is not up-to-date…so, please bear that in mind as you peruse about…I am aiming to rectify the problems as soon as possible.  Your understanding is appreciated, Bronwyn.


    a solo exhibition of bronwyn preece’s mixed-media visual art works
(lasqueti arts centre, bc november 2014)


...join me in the ‘lacuna’ where pitchforks meet plywood, rust meets Rilke and Rumi, homesteading meets homespun, collage meets corrugation, metal meets musings, and bones meet bits and bristles...



Guestbook comments:


“Thank You.  It’s an inspirational pleasure to see this focus and meditation.  I leave feeling love for this.”


“Amazing thank you”
“I wanted to touch everything! (so I did)”
“I love the weathered texture of the ocean and earth dancing.”
“If I had walls I’d want them to be full of your ART.  Love the way it looks all together.”
“Lovely show!”