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Dropped in the Ocean (2014)

Dropped in the Ocean
~In Collaboration with Jess Allen* (UK)


Two performers.  Two bottles.  Two messages.  Two fresh water sources.  Two oceans.  Two tide tables.  Two cameras.  One film.  Two live-streaming webcams.

Two dancers’ bodies separated by skin, screen and sea look out towards the horizon and acknowledge the third body that lies between: the ocean, a body of salt water at the same concentration as their own. They are asking 'how do we communicate across distance?' that of time and space, that which exists between our awareness of global crisis and our local everyday behaviours, the split between our humanity and our ecology, the chasm between the scale of what we need to do and what we are not doing? Can we reach out with, across, and through the transformative, immersive medium of water and telematic touch?

Fantastical stories abound of rescue and heroism arising from a ‘message in a bottle’ found washed ashore; a method of communication employed as a desperate measure, scribed with unwavering hope that someone, near or far, might find it. And in those stories, someone always does, and this person always responds…

In these desperate times for our water sources what would our messages in a bottle read today?  How are we so intimately connected by water, but at the same time separated by it and from it? Dropped in the Ocean is a trans-national, split-screen performance project that seeks to find connection where dissonance now exists: the culmination of an ongoing exchange of fresh water, words and images by sea mail and email, to be ultimately filmed, bottling the possibilities of universals and specifics of locality vis-à-vis water. 


"...the landscape, your movement, partnership and spoken word combined invoked a warm understanding that went beyond pure intellect. Although the story line was definitely heard, enjoyed and understood via the spoken word there was, in equal measure, something sensory in this, which made us 'gaze' at the possibility of water becoming 'sacred' once more. This was partly down to the evident partnership in the visual or the perceived 'harmony' between two. Emerging out of the 'gaze' all this produced we were left infused with your message that we felt echoed the thoughts and feelings of many hundreds of thousands of people. We could visibly see them there in agreement with you, which left us at liberty to debate and discuss our own relationship with water, the environment, them and our own existence with each other as 'kindred spirits' that of course is always more widely felt. Fantastic!" ~Mark Jickells

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In collaboration with Jess Allen:


Jess Allen is a dancer and walking artist from Aberystwyth now based in Herefordshire with a yurt, a horse and a dog, and currently doing a second PhD in walking and moving in rural landscapes as an eco-activist arts practice, with a President’s Doctoral Scholarship from the University of Manchester. She uses walking to create unexpected performative encounters in unusual locations. Originally a biologist, she gained her first PhD from Aberystwyth before re-training in contemporary dance. She has worked as landscape officer, dance lecturer (anatomy/improvisation), arts facilitator and aerial performer for Blue Eyed Soul (UK/US), Full Tilt and everyBODY dance. 

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