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Trans-Plantable Living Room (2013)

Trans-Plantable Living Room

 -A Collaborative Project between Plantable Performance Research Collective* (Canada, UK, U.S.A.) – of which I am a part; the Living Stage (Australia), Green Stage (UK) and Riverside Community Allotment Gardens (Wales) for World Stage Design 2013 (Cardiff, Wales) and Collisions (London, England).-Funded in part by Artists Project Earth UK and Our Food UK

The Trans-Plantable Living Room was part growing experiment, part site-specific performance project, part community tea-party…looking at how something as local and specific as gardening can be gauge for global climate change. In its first incarnation at WSD in Wales, the set was an outdoor, edible living room; and the second manifestation, in London, saw the growing living room set indoors. Plantable activated the space through performances inspired by interviews with Welsh gardeners. Through performance, we were attempting to bridge the divide and highlight the interconnectedness of humans and our surrounding world by literally and symbolically brewing and planting cultural interventions.  The Trans-Plantable Living Room project, by creating an immersive experience in a growing living room aimed to provide a phenomenological experience of gardening, place and community; merging and blurring the lines of outside/inside, the local and the global, gardening and performance, artist and gardener.
“It’s everything you hope that great theatre or great art is going to provide…that it’s going to show you a new ways of looking at things…"

-Ian Garrett, Center for the Sustainable Practice in the Arts 


“Great to see art bringing the community together in this way.  Sowing seeds, in more ways than one!”     
-Comment book 

CLICK HERE to hear Bronwyn being interviewed at World Stage Design 2013 about Trans-Plantable Living Room.


Plantable is a trans-national trio (Canada, UK, United States) examining the interface between ecological restoration, performance and community engagement. We start from the premise that the effects of climate change are, in part, due to the perceived separation between humans and the natural world. Through performance, we attempt to bridge that divide and highlight the interconnectedness of humans and the living world by literally and symbolically planting cultural memes. We posit that a struggle to connect is both a source of inspiration for our work and could lead towards mitigating the effects of climate change. We seek creative ways of tackling ethical imperatives around our current lifestyles and arts practices. Plantable strives to create low carbon impact performances and offset impacts that are necessary to the work. The performances we make are practice-based research – we both intend to create work that has a positive ecological impact, and accompany it with vigorous academic research of ecological performance-making. 

 Before gathering together in Wales, Plantable devised a trans-national planting video based on interviews conducted by Rosie Leach, with the gardeners from the Riverside Community Allotment Gardens in Cardiff, Wales.  This video served partly as a development process in devising the performance, and featured in the London version of the Trans-Plantable Living Room performances at Collisions:


Photos by Nigel Pugh: @nspugh