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Sol•Sticed (2014-ongoing)


How can a daily, site-specific, movement-based practice/performance…rooted in interactions with trees…activate the liminal luminous /refractions that surround the Winter and Summer Solstices, the Fall and Spring Equinoxes?           


Sol•Sticed is a durational (one year +) and ongoing project involving an extensive series of extemporaneous Daily, Sunrise and Sunset Outdoor, ‘Solo’ Improvisations, captured through photographs, each with a different Tree, bookending for a full-lunar cycle each Solstice and Equinox respectively.

The morning Solstice rituals and current evening Equinox rituals are a dialoguing through imbricated combinations of movements – shared and felt -- spliced with sound and occasional language. Sol•Sticed is a lighted somatic exchange, an engagement in simultaneity as photosynthetic reciprocal relays. 

This daily 15-minute, ritual was first enacted for one full 28-day lunar cycle before Winter Solstice 2013 and continued for one full lunar cycle after the Solstice.  It was captured in a series of three photographs, taken by an automated camera, timed to take a photo at the five, ten and fifteen minute mark.  This same bookending of the Solstice by lunar cycle was replicated for the Summer Solstice.  And again, two full lunar cycle improvisation/photographic ritual sequences will be performed on either side of the Fall and Spring Equinoxes....only this time at sunset!

 How do I/we play with light, with place, with space, with time…and how might I root my interactions with these ‘abstractions’ in material and performance form?


How do my notions of temporality interplay, stand to be rearranged, transform and/or transition with the synthesized adherence to the patterning of a daily shifting sunrise and sunset…and how might my perspectives on light/lack-of-light be communicated through performative interactions with trees: outdoors and ultimately…indoors? 

 The intention is following all four Sol•Sticed movement-cycles, all of the culminated photographs (660 in total)) will be printed on transparencies and will create an indoor installation that will be activated by performances.