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Performing the Ecology of Place…(2012/13)

Performing the Ecology of Place: Embodying an Eco-Cultural ‘Living History’ on Lasqueti Island/Xwe’etay  Funded By SSHRC 

            Performing the Ecology of Place: Embodying an Eco-Cultural 'Living History' on Lasqueti Island/Xwe'etay involved the creation of a one-time cross-generational, outdoor, community performance event on April 13, 2013 that endeavored to allow for a deeper understanding of the local relationships to place and the eco-cultural web in existence on the unique ‘off-the-grid’ island of Lasqueti/Xwe'etay, in the area now recognized by many as British Columbia, Canada.  Performing the Ecology of Place was initiated with the hope to elucidate Dr. David Abram’s visionary statement:

The singular magic of a place is evident from what happens there, from what befalls oneself or others when in its vicinity.  To tell of such events is implicitly to tell of the particular power of that site, and indeed to participate in its expressive potency (Spell, 182).

            Beginning in the Fall of 2012, Performing the Ecology of Place saw me undertake the facilitation process of devising a site-specific, equally site-sensitive and sensuous, place-based performance that explored and captured inhabitants’ (both present and past) relationships to the local ecology, the local culture in/on/with the island community I call ‘home.’  

On April 13th Performing the Ecology of Place was staged ‘in place.’  The exploration of these dynamic intertwinings took the form of a multi-month, multi-streamed group process of gathering stories and sharing experiences.   Separate focus groups: homeschool youth, public school children and adults gathered, with all of their collectively-devised ‘independent’ creations being woven together on the day of the performance, into a two-hour pastiche-style presentation of these vignettes of perspectives…complete with a pirate invasion, brass bands, shoreline labyrinth walking, bonfires, localized fairy-tale mash-ups, potluck and the unveiling of Lasqueti/Xwey’etay’s first-ever compiled his/herstorical chronology brought to life and transcribed by the youth of the island…now permanently installed for reference at the Lasqueti Community Hall.